Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can you hold a place before I apply?

    A: We can only hold and apartment for two weeks with a security deposit.
  • Q: Do I pay first month’s rent and last month’s rent with my security deposit?

    A: Security deposit it completely separate from any type of rent.
  • Q: How old do you have to be to apply?

    A: At least 19 years old to apply unless you have a co-signer.
  • Q: Is the deposit refundable?

    A: The deposit is refundable as long as the apartment is left in good condition and the move out charges and procedures are followed.
  • Q: Who needs a cosigner?

    A: If you don't have any established credit or your credit is below 550 you will need a cosigner.
  • Q: You have a property I want to rent. How do I apply?

    A: We do everything online so you will apply on our website!
  • Q: How do I pay rent?

    A: You can pay rent online via your resident or using our retail cash program!
  • Q: I want to get a pet. What do I do?

    A: Please inform the office. We charge a $200 non-refundable pet deposit and it is $15/month extra per pet. If it is any type of “aggressive breed” the property managers will have to meet the pet first.
  • Q: My lease expiration is coming and I want to move out. What do I do?

    A: We require at least 30 days notice before moving out. Please contact the office or submit a general inquiry on your resident portal.
  • Q: Who is responsible for paying for repairs & maintenance requests?

    A: The landlord is responsible for maintenance and repairs unless the damage was caused by the tenant. All maintenance requests are required to be submitted on your resident portal before the maintenance team can come out and address the issue.